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Md Abdullah Al Mamun

A Student in Folklore, Development, Policy and Sustainability Studies

Abdullah Al Mamun

Associate Professor, Department of Folklore, University of Rajshahi, BANGLADESH

Details about myself

I am an Associate Professor of the Department of Folklore under the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Rajshahi, Bangladesh. I joined the University of Rajshahi in February 2006 as Lecturer of Folklore Studies. Subsequently, I was promoted to the position of Assistant Professor and Associate Professor in 2009 and 2017 respectively. Since 2006, I have been teaching at tertiary level and conducting research activities by bridging Folklore, Policy, Development and Sustainability Studies in achieving a better tomorrow for Bangladesh as well as South Asia.

However, I am particularly interested to do research work by determining and strengthening relationship of the related academic disciplines and the emerging subject matters in Economic Folkloristics & Policy Studies, Environmental Folkloristics & Sustainability Studies, Material Folkloristics & Livelihoods, Public Health and Medical Folkloristics, Inclusive Development & Rural Studies, Development Folkloristics & Community Participation.


I know how to conduct the quantitative research independently and am well familiar with quantitative software like STATA, EViews etc. I am confident to handle the knowledge of economic models, tools and techniques. I prefer mixed approaches in research works as long as I am basically a qualitative researcher. In research works, I would always be happy by learning, sharing and practicing the tools and techniques of social sciences in accordance with PRA, KAP, PAR, FPR, CDD, and RCT etc.

I would welcome those researchers under my supervision who are eager to do research work in a challenging, creative and happy attitude with pleasure to explore and improve their career potentialities in research and educational avenues. I love to guide fieldwork and report writing issue of students at rural and urban places in Bangladesh as well as South Asia.

Even so, I have published a number of peer-reviewed research works along with international researchers in home journal as well as international journals. I am the editor of different home journals in addition to being a reviewer of home and international journals. I am experienced in research and evaluation of action research works-based project of Governmental Organizations and NGO’s. Together with, I am a co-founder in the Forum of Inclusive Development and Sustainability Studies (FIDSS) targeting development goals of the United Nations.

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Development Folkloristics

Material Folkloristics & Livelihoods

Public Health & Medical Folkloristics

Rural Studies & Development

Economic Folkloristics & Policy

Environmental Folkloristics & Sustainability

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  • mamun AT ru DOT ac DOT bd
  • Rajshahi University, Bangladesh

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